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    Bauhaus vs. Business As Usual: The Case Against Job Titles

    No one needs to hear about Bauhaus. For years I believed it, relegating the 20 th century German art movement to tiny footnotes in presentations. Despite Bauhaus’s impact on my coaching ethos and success, I told myself, business clients – especially the entrepreneurs- couldn’t be bothered. They had bigger...

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    The Startup Killer No One Is Talking About

    Startups move quickly. Before disrupting an industry, there’s the matter of getting off the ground. In the race to market, an increasing number of startups are turning to a perceived means of expediting timelines: Capital Investor Employees, or CIEs.  Haven’t heard of CIEs? You probably recognize them, even if...

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    Why Healthcare Execs Should Watch More HBO (aka Merging Millennials & Boomers to Boost Bottom Lines)

    A young woman immersed in technology. The low-tech aunt who leans on her for basic digital skills. Early episodes of HBO’s drama Years & Years reinforce a widespread assumption in healthcare, if not America as a whole: That the two largest market segments, Baby Boomers and Millennials, are very...

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    The Tech Market To Watch: Baby Boomers

    What Do Netflix, Technology, and Senior Sex Toys Have In Common? When the Netflix comedy Grace & Frankie made octogenarians (played by Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin) the masterminds behind a senior-friendly vibrator, it was more than just TV hilarity. It was real. 

Okay, fine: realistic fiction. As in,...

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    Tomorrow’s Tools Today: Takeaways from Tech Week

    May is technology’s banner month. With the annual Consumer Electronics Show (CES) a few months in the rearview, innovators come out in droves in May ready to forge connections, present product innovations, make strides toward the market, and of course scope out the latest in the ever-evolving tech marketplace.  HandsFree...

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